90 per cent of heart disease is preventable

Heart disease remains the number one killer globally, closely followed by cancer.

In Australia, one person dies every 12 minutes from heart disease — an astounding statistic, given that 90 per cent of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are preventable if you find out early that you are at risk and make positive lifestyle changes.

In my latest radio interview on RPH Adelaide with Peter Greco, I talk about the burden of heart disease and how you can reduce your risk without any prescription medication.

One of the best tests you can do to find out your risk of heart disease is known as a “Coronary Calcium Score”. It’s a non-invasive test that takes a picture of your arteries using a CT scan and measures of the amount of calcium in the walls of the arteries that supply your heart muscle.

If you find out you’re at risk, there are five key principles I recommend that can potentially reduce your risk of CVD by 83%. These principles, along with particular supplements such as Ubiquinol, can greatly decrease your chances of CVD and support good heart health in the long term.

No pill or procedure comes close to offering you that level of risk reduction. In fact statin medication for cholesterol management only reduces your risk of a heart attack by 30% at best.

Listen to my interview to hear my five key principles for preventing heart disease and the best supplements you can take to support heart health.