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The true pandemic of the 21st century

Posted by admin on  February 19, 2021
Photo by Mykenzie Johnson on Unsplash As we approach 2 ½ million deaths in around 12 months from SARS-CoV2, there is no doubt that the world has been significantly changed by this contagious and pervasive pandemic. Fortunately, for those of us living in Australia, there has been nowhere near the devastation seen in the Northern Hemisphere but still (especially in Victoria), there has still been lives lost and livelihoods destroyed by this serious, very contagious virus. But,

Antibiotic resistance

Posted by Dr Ross Walker on  February 10, 2021
Antibiotic resistance In 2020, we saw the entire world change dramatically because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Unfortunately, because of this serious virus that has now claimed well over 2 million lives around the globe in 12 months, many other serious medical conditions have been under-investigated and under-managed leading to a number of people avoiding attending accident and emergency departments because of chest pain and many other people missing out on vital cancer screening, to give
What medicines are not recommended for back pain? By Dr Ross Walker & Dr Stephanie Mathieson Back pain. If you haven’t experienced it, you are part of a small percentage of people across the world that have been lucky. For those who have had an episode of back pain, it may have been a short-lived experience, but it can turn into a nightmare for others. Low back pain has been the leading cause of years lived

Bring on 2021

Posted by Dr Ross Walker on  December 29, 2020
Bring on 2021 2020 is a year the vast majority of us would like to forget. This time last year most of us had never heard the word coronavirus. COVID-19 hadn’t been invented along with concepts like lockdown, social distancing & “checking in” not really entering our consciousness. It has been such a bizarre & frightening time for most of us & although Australia has handled the pandemic better than most, it has still profoundly affected

Coronavirus vaccines — are we there yet?

Posted by Dr Ross Walker on  December 29, 2020
Category: COVID-19
Coronavirus vaccines — are we there yet? A few weeks ago, Australia received the disappointing news that the University of Queensland SARS-CoV2 vaccine had been withdrawn as a potential vaccine solution for our current pandemic. This news came soon after the peer-reviewed release of data regarding the Pfizer vaccine and the Oxford vaccine. The problem with the UQ vaccine was more one of perception rather than lack of effect or harm. The UQ vaccine used an innovative technology

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