Australia’s leading preventative health expert, Dr. Ross Walker, is a practising cardiologist with 40 years of experience. Dr. Walker is an eminent practitioner with a passion for health and people.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Ross Walker’s key focus has been preventative cardiology ensuring his place as Australia’s top health experts.

Considered one of the world’s best keynote speakers and life coaches, he is the author of seven best-selling books & a regular health presenter in the Australian Media.

Dr. Ross also appears weekly on the national Macquarie Radio network & the Super Radio network. He had his own national radio show, Healthy Living for 8 years on radio 2UE. Healthy Living recommenced nationally on the Macquarie Radio network on March 29th 2020.

Dr. Walker runs the Sydney Heart Health Clinic in Lindfield on Sydney’s North Shore, a clinic that focuses on all aspects of non-invasive & preventative cardiology. 

Dr. Walker is also the Chief Medical Officer for the VTN group. Moreover, he is the Chief Cardiologist for the Miskawaan Health Group, an integrative health service in South East Asia.

Dr. Walker is the President of the Gut Foundation of Australia. Dr Walker is a non-executive director for MGC Pharmaceuticals, a company researching, developing & marketing medical cannabis around the world. Dr. Ross Walker is the patron for Heart Support Australia.



Dr. Walker has a Medical Practice in Lindfield on the upper north shore of Sydney. He provides a service in all aspects of echocardiography; focusing on stress echocardiography which is a well accepted, accurate method for assessing heart disease, not involving irradiation or injections. There are presently no other stress echo services on the upper North Shore.

Dr Walker commenced stress echocardiography in 1992 and has since performed 15,000 studies, over 30,000 trans thoracic echoes and 2,000 trans oesophageal echoes. Stress echocardiography provides much more information to the practitioner than stress testing alone.

His other area of expertise is in the field of preventative cardiology and he has also commenced a related service in arterial screening, which is an indirect measure of endothelial function and arterial stiffness, and does not involve irradiation or injections. Dr Walker has published seven books on preventative cardiology and lectures both nationally and internationally on this subject.